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 The interest in psychology has played an important role in Lucia's practice. The change of national identity in a multinational environment led to the idea of translating this through sculpture and painting showing the psychological emptiness in a modified, distorted identity... the disappearance of national identity as a result of assimilation and influence of new cultures. Her sculptures are in different sizes and forms, semi figurative, semi abstract. They are in small scale and very tactile, engaging the viewer to touching. She builds vessels as spaces ready to fill with new experiences and knowledge. They are made  from ceramic, representing the fragility of the inner world. The medium has his own voice. 

The silent words


Ceramic masks bronze glazed


Spread your colours around 

What’s inside comes out and Spread your colours around series are about different cultures living in the same place.This work is about how to keep being original and different in a world full of straight lines, rules, frames and stereotypes. This is about the beautiful imperfect world.

“ I see people in different colours, everyone is beautiful in his own way, with his own shape and personality. I see them as vessels with different values, but always with room for something new. London is a perfect example in this sense, where a multitude of ethnicities meet in the same place with respect for each other, with acceptance of differences and cultural enrichment for each individual.” Says Lucia.


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What’s inside comes out 




Dor is an untranslatable word from Romanian meaning at the same time pain and happiness, love and grief, missing and hankering. It’s a noun and a verb. The most controversial word in Romanian. The Dor series was inspired from Brancusi’s collection of Maiastra, having the folklore background as much as from Georgia O’Keeffe and Paula Hayes works.







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