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Lucia Boaghe is a London based artist, exploring the intercultural interactions.

Through her artistic practice, Lucia delves into the profound theme of immigration, based on her personal experience, exploring the complexities and multifaceted nature of human migration.

By creating visual narratives that evoke empathy, challenge stereotypes, and provoke dialogue, she aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the experiences of immigrants.

Immigration is an essential aspect of the human story, shaping societies and cultures throughout history. It is a deeply personal and transformative journey, marked by hope, resilience, loss, and reinvention. As an artist, Lucia is driven to give voice to these stories that often go unheard, and to shed light on the shared humanity that connects us all.

Her creative process involves extensive research, interviews, and immersion in diverse communities affected by immigration. She strives to build connections and trust with individuals who have experienced displacement, seeking to understand their perspectives and the intricate layers of their stories. This intimate engagement allows her to create art that resonates with authenticity and compassion.

In her artwork, she employs a range of mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, and installations. Each piece is carefully crafted to evoke emotions and provoke contemplation. By combining visual symbolism, juxtaposition, and the power of storytelling, she aims to create a visceral and immersive experience for the viewer.

Ultimately, immigration is a fundamental aspect of human history and a dynamic force that shapes societies. As we navigate the complexities of this issue, it is crucial to foster understanding, compassion, and respect for the diverse experiences and aspirations of those who seek a better life in a new land.

One of the primary objectives of Lucia’s work is to challenge preconceived notions and confront biases surrounding immigration. By presenting a diverse range of narratives, she wants to dismantle stereotypes and encourage empathy, promoting a more inclusive and compassionate society.

“Through my art, I strive to create a platform for dialogue, inviting viewers to engage in meaningful conversations about the complexities of migration and its impact on individuals and communities”, says Lucia.

As an artist, she recognises the transformative potential of art to bridge divides, cultivate empathy, and ignite social change. By offering a platform for marginalised voices and celebrating the resilience of immigrants, she hopes to contribute to a broader dialogue that fosters understanding, compassion, and unity.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the theme of immigration becomes more relevant than ever. Finding solutions to the challenges posed by immigration requires a nuanced understanding of its complexities and an empathetic approach that recognises the rights and dignity of all individuals involved. It calls for dialogue, cooperation, and comprehensive policies that address the root causes of migration while ensuring the well-being of both host communities and newcomers.

“My artistic practice on the theme of immigration is driven by a deep belief in the power of art to ignite empathy, promote understanding, and advocate for social justice. By shining a light on the journeys of those who have migrated, I strive to challenge stereotypes, foster dialogue, and inspire collective action towards a more inclusive and compassionate world. My art seeks to transcend borders, both physical and metaphorical, to illuminate the universal experiences of migration and the shared aspirations for a better future. Through my work, I invite viewers to reflect on their own notions of identity, belonging, and the interconnectedness of our global community”.





-MA Fine Art,Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London, 2021

-Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London, 2020

-Foundation Diploma, Hampstead School of Art, London, 2018

-Interior Design, postgraduate course, Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, 2013

-BA  Philology, Moldovan State University, Chisinau, 1999



   Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, USA, Canada, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova




October 2021

UAL Chelsea College of Arts: 

- Fast presentation of artist's research and practice

- How to build a team, collaborative work

- Exhibition visits 

January 2022

Made in Arts London:

- Colour theory and colour mixing practice 


-Shape of vision, Catalogue, June, 2023

-Art Vue Prize 2022, Photography, Sculpture, Digital Art, Mixed Media, February 2023

-1 International Prize Donatello Catalogue, January 2023

-Contemporary Celebrity Masters magazine, January 2023


-Artists of today and tomorrow 3, Monica Ferrarini, December, 2022

-Artist Talk Magazine, November, 2002

-New Visions, Catalogue, October 2022

-Cartography of Care, Exhibition Catalogue, October 2022

-International Prize Paris Catalogue, October, 2022

-Art International Contemporary Magazine Issue 4, July/August 2022

-NFT, New Freedom Think Catalogue April 2022


-Annual Catalogue 9, Made in Arts London, October 2021


-Artist&Illustrators Magazine, March 2019


-Ham&High Newspaper, June 2018




Artrepreneur, Honorable Mention Award, September, 2023

Bruxelles Art Vue, Yearly Prize, Special Mention Award 2022, February 2023

1 International Prize Donatello, Florence, January 2023

International Prize, Paris, October 2022


-ApuliaAste Gallery, Lega Navale Matera-MagnaGrecia, 10-28 February, 2024, Matera, Italy

-Artbox, Casa del Arte Gallery, 15-30 September, 2023, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

-Artbox, Nicoleta Gallery, 15-30 September, 2023, Berlin, Germany

-Swiss Art Expo, Zurich Train station Art Space, 6-10 September, 2023, Zurich, Switzerland

-Shape of vision, Spazio 57 Gallery, 15-25 July, 2023, Naples, Italy

-Artbox.Project Basel 2.0, Jean Tinguely Platform, EuroAirport Basel, 15-18 June, 2023, Basel, Switzerland

-Artists Talk Show, 22 June, 2023, Time Square, NYC, USA

-Interspacesbeyond the tangible, La Pigna Gallery, 26 May-6 June, 2023, Rome, Italy

-Art Fair, Follow Art Gallery, 19-28 May, 2023, Bucharest, Romania

-Borderless: Beyond the Frame, Verse Gallery NFT, 15-18 April, 2023, Oslo/Singapore, Norway/Singapore


-Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, 21-23 October, 2022, Paris, France 

-Mixtape No1, Cultivate presents, Organthing Gallery, 4 October, 2022, London, UK

-Cartography of Care, Spilt Milk Gallery, 8-29 October, 2022, Edinburgh, Scotland

-New Visions, Florence Contemporary Gallery, 5 September, 2022, Florence, Italy

-Venice International Art Fair, Palazzo Albrizzi Capelo, 14 September - 5 October, 2022, Venice, Italy

-Fragility of life, Spazio Temporary Gallery, 28 August - 12 September, 2022, Venice, Italy

-Sisyphean, The Fitzrovia Gallery, 24-29 May 2022, London, UK

-Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Made in Arts London, 5-8 May, 2022, London, Uk

-NFT-New Freedom Think, M.A.D.S. Gallery, March 28-April 3, 2022, Milano, Italy and Fuerteventura, Canary Island, Spain

-Fundraising Gala-Ukraine the Brave, The Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, 12 March, 2022, London, UK

-Throuth DNA, Family Exhibition, Curious Kudu Gallery, 2-28 March, 2022, London, UK


-Perception, The Koppel Project 540, 3-5 December, 2021, London, UK

-Postcards from London, Villa Arson, 1-8 December, 2021, Nice, France

-The iridescent  Collection, Made in Arts London, TM Lighting Gallery, 29 October 2021- 7 January 2022, London, UK

-MAFA Show, Triangle Gallery, 18-21 September, 2021, London, UK

-Rally, Nook Gallery, 04-28 September, 2021, Beijing, China

-Graduate Showcase,UAL, August, 2021

-Art Fair at Hampstead Summer Festival, 26 June, 2021, London, UK

-WIP, Cookhouse Gallery, 25-30 June, 2021, London, UK

-WIP, Cookhouse Gallery, 14-23 June, 2021, London 

-I’m ready to dance again, Safehouse 1&2 Gallery, 17-20 May, 2021, London, UK

-DR Show, Cookhouse Gallery, 30 April, 2021, London, UK

-DR Show, Cookhouse Gallery, 28 April, 2021, London, UK

-DR Show, Cookhouse Gallery, 23 April, 2021, London, UK

-Hello, how are you? Instagram, ADV residency, 17 April, 2021

-H2OOOO, online group exhibition, 25 March, 2021

-Forward by 8PM, online group exhibition, 22 March, 2021

-MAFA International Festival, January 2021 


-Late at Tate Britain, 15 December 2020, London, UK

-Cookhouse Show MAFA, Cookhouse Gallery, November, 2020, London, UK

-Off-Site Show, Covent Garden, November, 2020, London, UK

-Online Show, October , 2020 

-Graduate showcase, July, 2020,

-Anti-Rocket, 29 July - 16August, 2020, online exhibition

-Different visuals, lightly touched, Cookhouse Gallery, January, 2020, London, UK


-The Studio Show Chelsea College of Arts, November, 2019, London, UK

-Students and Stuff, Hampstead School ofArt, 8-20 July, 2019, London, UK

-Picture the Heath, Hampstead Art Fair, 23  June, 2019, London, UK

-Play, 84 Heath Street, 18 May-19 June, 2019, London, UK


-Foundation Course graduating, Hampstead School of Art, 4-8 July, 2018, London, UK

-Picture the Heath, Hampstead Art Fair,  23 June, 2018, London, UK

-Students and Stuff,  Hampstead School of Art, 18 May-24 June, 2018, London, UK

-Everything must change, 84 Heath Street, 5 May-10 June, 2018, London, UK


-Between two, Solo Show, 23 Grosvenor Gardens, 23 July-20 August, 2017, London, UK


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